The history of Medical marijuana

Marijuana is a very important medicine that is used for mainly treating various chronic diseases. There are some diseases where there are no treatments available, but they are cured by this unique wonder drug. There are other diseases where the diseases will have complications and side effects when treated by using drugs. In these diseases, marijuana helps in treatment of the disease without any complications. In other diseases, medical marijuana will act as an adjuvant therapy, where the main treatment is with another drug, but cannabis is used in the improved effectiveness in controlling the disease.

What is medical marijuana and what is its history?

1. Ancient treatment: In ancient Chinese treatment, medical marijuana was one of the mainstay of treatments. There are many different diseases where this medicine is used. It can be used to treat very severe and chronic diseases and this is why it was very popular in ancient Chinese medicine system. It was given as a liquid form after being ground. It was also given to patients in the form of a paste that was consumed.

2. Other herbal therapy: Marijuana was also used as an herbal therapy in other forms of medicine in various countries. The South Americans used it in their medicines. Indians used it in herbal therapy too. The diseases for which it was used varied from one traditional healer to another.

3. Recent trends: It was banned as a medicine in the early 19th century. The reason for this was that a lot of people started using it as a substance abuse drug. There are certain effects of the drug that were misused by people. This led the government to ban the drug. Recently a renewed interest in the various benefits of the drug has led researchers to try it out in controlled conditions, to treat various diseases. Some of the diseases where it has been tried out with exemplary success are diseases like asthma, cancer, psychiatric diseases and arthritis. Since it is able to cure so many serious and chronic conditions, it is one of the best ancient medications that are still available.

This is the history of the use of marijuana in medical conditions. It is important that the benefits of the plant are used to the maximum extent possible. It will help in getting rid of various serious diseases and so its benefits should be used. The use of medical marijuana should not only be encouraged, but its use in other diseases should also be researched in great detail for patients to get benefited.

Where can you buy medical marijuana online?

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Overcome Alzheimer’s with Marijuana

If you are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, you may also have many other related symptoms and complications. Many of those who suffer from this disease suffer a slow and steady decline in their day to day activities, till they are completely dependent on other people for their daily existence. If you would like to avoid such a fate, it is imperative that you try to use an ‘out of the box’ treatment. The use of marijuana has helped many people to get over this disease.

Alzheimer’s is caused because of the damage to the neurons in the brain. As a person becomes old or when there is some injury to the brain, there could be degenerative changes happening in the brain. These changes lead to severe decline in the functioning of the brain and it will cause even death of the brain cells. To reverse this process, a small amount of marijuana has to be consumed every day. This medicine helps in recharging the brain cells and also helps in activating the neurons in the brain. The result is that there is better functioning of the brain, thus reducing dementia and other effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

How marijuana helps to overcome Alzheimer’s

1. hawai marijuanaReduction in inflammation: The inflammation in the brain cells can cause patchy demyelination. This means that the brain signals are not properly conveyed form one area to another. This results in dementia in an indirect manner. The reduction in inflammation that is aided by the use of marijuana will help in preventing dementia to a great extent.

2. Improvement in brain functioning: When the marijuana is used, it helps in activating the brain cells. The increased firing of the neurons in the brain will help to convey proper signals from one area to another. This is effected by the various compounds that are present in marijuana. The result is that there is improved memory, improved cognitive functions, improvement in coordination and other skills. This helps the person with Alzheimer’s to lead a normal life.

3. Marijuana helps in reducing depressive mood: Depression is a common effect of Alzheimer’s. Those who suffer from this disease tend to be more depressed and sad. There is also a feeling of helplessness. These feelings are all removed with the use of marijuana. The medicine helps to improve the mood and provides a feeling of being on a high. This is because of the THC compounds present in medical marijuana. So, the improved mood of the person will help reduce the feelings of depression and make the person normal again.

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Get Rid of Parkinson’s Symptoms with Medical Marijuana

Parkinson’s Symptoms affect a person usually when they are old. Most of those who are affected are senior citizens, though some people may be affected at a younger age too. The disease is caused because of changes in the brain functioning. The disease is characterized by certain symptoms like slowness of movements, spasticity of the muscles and limitation in the movements of the body. There are also other changes that can occur leading to chronic depression, decrease in appetite and other problems.

The treatment of the Parkinson’s Symptoms should be accorded a great deal of priority because of the treatment is delayed; the person who is affected will become dependent on other people for their care. Depression can also set in because of their inability to perform routine daily activities. Medical marijuana is the right medicine that can help in getting rid of Parkinson’s Symptoms. The medicine helps in getting rid of all the major symptoms of the disease as seen here:

1.master weed kush Muscle spasm: Muscle spasm can be caused because of the signals from the brain to the muscles is altered in this disease. One of the beneficial effects of using medical marijuana is that it will help in the complete relaxation of the muscles. It interacts with the physiological mechanism in which muscles function and relaxes the muscles. This helps in ensuring that the muscle function becomes normal and the spasticity is reduced.

2. Depression: Depression can set in because of inability to perform normal activities, but it can also occur because of changes in the brain. Parkinson’s Symptoms occur because this disease affects the brain. The marijuana helps in altering the brain functions too and it has a positive effect on the brain function. The changes in the brain brought on by the disease are reversed. This helps in ensuring normal brain function and depression is reversed.
3. Slowness of movements: Slowness of movements occurs mainly because of the spasticity of the muscles. When the muscles are relaxed and the spasticity is reduced, the movement becomes near normal.
4. Brain functioning: The medical marijuana is a neuro stimulator. This means that it will enhance the function of the brain and elevate the mood of the person. It interferes with the release of serotonin, a chemical that alters brain functioning in Parkinson’s disease. This alteration of the serotonin release in the brain ensures that the brain functioning becomes normal again.

Those who suffer from Parkinson’s Symptoms and other neurological signs similar to this disease can benefit positively with the use of medical marijuana.